501(c)(3) Public Charity in United States

Our mission is to reduce poverty in Pakistan by providing microfinance loans to the poor, needy and underprivileged people to enable them to get on their own feet. Small Efforts also provides relief and rehabilitation during & after a natural disaster like earthquake, floods etc.

Company Overview

Small Efforts originated from Facebook during Pakistan’s monsoon floods of 2010. It is a Seattle based non-profit which is run by volunteers mainly from United States, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Kingdom, Canada and Pakistan. Small Efforts does not have any ethnic, religious or political bias and affiliation.

General Information

Small Efforts’ board of directors as well as Manager Operations in Pakistan do not take any salary or benefit (directly or indirectly) from Small Efforts. We all are working as volunteers.

Small Efforts provide interest-free Microfinance loans to the poor people in Pakistan to enable them to, for example, start a small business and get on their own feet. We provide up to 50% of the loans to women and minorities.