Aurang Zeb – To Extend His Shoe Shop


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Name: Aurang Zeb

City: Mardan


I have a small shoes shop in my village I want to extend my business by putting more investment and for that reason I need a loan. I have already invested one lac rupees in my shop. Currently, I have only children shoes variety. I want to expand this by adding variety of female shoes and also some cosmetics in my shop which has a high demand. I hope this will increase my monthly income.

I have a lot of customers in my village and I can generate money from my business by selling more shoes. All the customers are from my village. I also have a lot of friends who buy shoes from my shop. When I will extend my shoes business more customers will visit my shop due to better and increased variety. I will inform all my customers by putting up a banner on my shop. I will also do some publicity for the business
I can generate up to PKR 7,000 per month from my business and I will be able to return PKR 3500 per month.

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