Muhammad Ishtiaq – To Buy A Kaj Machine For Tailor Shop


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Name: Muhammad Ishtiaq

City: Mardan


I have a tailor shop near my home. I am a good tailor and I have a lot of customers all over the village. My business is going well my monthly income is about 6 thousand per month. But I have great difficulty in one aspect because the “Kaj machine” shop is very far away from my shop and the customers suits need to carry for kaj. This wastes a lot of time for me.

I can generate enough money from my own kaj machine. My expenditure for one suit is Rs 15 and by my own kaj machine I can save money and can increase my income to 9 thousand. The kaj machine rate is 60000. I have some money but I need a loan to buy my own kaj machine. I will return your loan in installment.

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