Syed Waseem Shah – To Start A Medical Store


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Name: Syed Waseem Shah

City: Mardan


I am a biotechnology student and I have good experience in medicines. I have some money for starting my business of a medical store but this amount is not enough to start a profitable business. I already have a license for starting a medicine business and also some experience in this business.

There is a doctor in the village but there is no medical store in the near by area. Local doctor is my friend, and he will recommend me to his patience to buy medicines from my store. I also need publicity for my medical store for which I will print some cards and will distribute all over the village. I will attract the customers by giving them discounts in the medicines. I can generate money up to 10 thousand rupees per month and I hope this number will increase with time.

I need 50 thousand rupees loan from your organization and I hope I will return your loan before the guaranteed time.

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