Tahir Shah – To Extend His Existing Business


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Name: Tahir shah

City: Mardan


I have an existing business of ice cream cone machine, gas cylinders filling and generator workshop, at a small scale. I want to extend my business. I will generate money by selling more goods. Customers of my business are my home street and neighbouring streets. I do not need to publicize because it’s a running business and I am in I contact with a lots of customers.

By extending my business, I can generate around 10000 to 13000 rupees per month. Approximately 150000 rupees will be needed to generate that income. I will need Rs 50000 loan, while I will arrange the remaining money from other sources.

Here is a brief breakdown of some items that I will need. Gas cylinders security deposit per cylinder 2000*10= Rs. 20000; Gas cylinders refilling 10*2200= Rs. 22000; Ice cream ingredients Rs. 5000; Generator spare parts Rs. 5000; Engine oil Rs. 5000; Empty gas cylinders for sale Rs. 5000; Other gas necessities Rs. 5000; For shop setup and other things Rs. 15000.

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