Taskeen Victor – To Open A Female Computer Training Center


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Name: Taskeen Victor

City: Mardan


I want to open a Computer Training Center for Women and also want to start online computer training.  I will offer the following courses.

1.   Microsoft Office and use of Internet in the training center

2.   Spoken English classes online

For publicity I will use different channels such as:

1. Ads will be posted on OLX.

2. Brochures will be distributed to the nearby schools, colleges and in the community.

3. Banners

4. Personal contacts

5. Board of the training center will be displayed.

I will charge the following fee for each course:

Microsoft Office and use of Internet, course duration is 3 months, fee is Rs.1000 per month.

Spoken English online training, course duration is 5 months, fee is Rs.1500 per month

I need to buy 3 computers, 3 tables, 3 chairs, and a DSL connection. This will cost me around Rs. 51,000.

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