Name: Farkhanda Shaheen

City: Rawalpindi


Five people will pool in to run this venture collectively. A women’s designer wear brand will be launched. The idea is to work on the whole supply chain where three things will be running simultaneously; there will be cutting, stitching and embroidery training, stitching and designing work as well as sales and marketing. Each woman will set up a workstation where she can spend some time working on the designs and preparation of product for the market. Focus will be on women’s designer wear.

For publicity multiple brand stores will be approached and where a rack could be rented to display our products. Both local and international audiences will be targeted. We plan to start with local market and move to international markets as we get stable.

Product price will vary depending upon each design. It will be decided on the basis of target market; we intend to target both middle income and high income group. Products will be designed keeping in view the needs and taste of each targeted group.

For each person in the group here is an estimate of the expenditures. Workstation rent for a month is Rs. 5000 (Rs. 60,000 a year) Share of each member is Rs. 1000 per month and Rs. 12,000 a year. Sewing machine (second-hand) will cost Rs. 4000. Part of Raw material cost each member will pool in is Rs. 20,000. Rack rent to display products for a month is Rs. 12,000. Rack will be taken once the products are ready which will take around 5 to 6 months.